Monday, January 20, 2014

First Week in Barrio Jardin

Wow...What a week in Barrio Jardin. My Companion and I have been working like dogs and we have for sure seen the miracles. Speaking of Companion I guess now that I know a little more about him I can tell you all about him as well. Elder Gomez is from Paraguay and he is basically on the border between Brazil and Argentina. He knows three languages and is starting to learn his fourth. I am starting to teach him english. He is super fast at learning English. We are just starting and he remembers a lot of things but we are still working on the forming of certain vowels. oh the joy of teaching. Other things that have passed for this week was all the things that we have done, but for sure the one thing that I have loved for sure was my first week in the big city and the goals that we are making, to make our little branch the best it can be. We just set up the ward mission plan and we are planning to set up everything for counsel and hoping that this not only helps out the branch now, but for the whole year. As well as making new goals we have been finding new people like crazy. Contacting people for more than two hours a day in the sun and let me tell you I can testify that sacrifice is equal to the return blessings. This week we were able to teach a young couple. We were able to teach them for the first time this last week and they both have a desire to be baptized and we are hoping that we can help them. We have a lesson with them both today and we are hoping to set a date for them both and help them resolve some doubts that they told us about this last week. We are super excited for them. One of the blessings of working hard. Well everybody I don´t have much to say because the work is the same, just in a new place. We talk to every one, and now there are more to talk too. We work our butts off in the sun. My companion and I work amazingly well together and can´t wait to see what miracles we produce in our time here. I love you all. Till next week. Elder Cook

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