Monday, February 17, 2014

SURPRISE we had transfers

SURPRISE we had transfers. but the thing is that nothing really happened with us. Elder Gomez and I are together for another transfer. We are super excited because we have a ton of things going with in the branch and we are just so excited to start getting them rolling. Nothing changed with us but the other companionship that lives with us, Elder Curtis and Elder Mendoza, had a change. Elder Curtis left for another area and another Latino came to fill his place. Once again i am in a apartment filled with latinos. I am really excited for this one. the last one was just super fun and i can just imagine all the fun that we are going to have this transfer. This week was a little slow in the means of the work only because we had rain storms all week. We still worked but we would find ourselves soaking wet at the end of some nights. But all things a side i am for sure enjoying my rain storms more then the blazing heat. Gladly i am used to the humidity from florida so that doesn't bug me too much. Everyone is preparing for the special conference with Elder Ballard this saturday. My companion and i have volunteered to be in the choir that will be singing a special number at the conference. there will only be 6 people from each zone singing and we were the first ones to volunteer our time to do it. It is sure a blessing to have a companion that enjoys singing as much as i do. We have a practice this tuesday. The chapel where it is at is right across the street from the gigantic walmart here in Cordoba. ill try to take a picture or two. Well, i have run out of time i am sorry but it sure has gotten harder to think of what things i can actually tell to you all...I keep up the work, we knock doors, we contact on the street, and we work with members. I really cant explain all the miracles that i see in one day, but i sure do testify that the lord is hastening is work and always shows what love he has for his children. I love seeing the tender mercies of the lord in the work. It makes the week a little brighter. I love you all! Elder Cook

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