Monday, February 24, 2014

Wow what a week

Wow what a week. First off what an amazing weekend i have had. Two days i was blessed to hear from high general authorities. Saturday we were blessed with the Presence of Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband(Presidency of the 70) and wow did they teach us a ton of things. One of the greatest blessings of that was it was all in English. They had a translator there of course for the people that didn't speak English but it sure was a refresher for me to hear some spiritual advice in English. Then the next day we were blessed as a stake to listen to Elder Rasband as well. It was soooo cool. One of the coolest things of that was how we got to the conference this Saturday. Well we woke up on Saturday morning at about 6 in the morning so that we could be at the chapel in another part of Cordoba at about 8 in the morning. With luck we have a taxi driver as a neighbor so he is willing to take us at that hour in the morning. Well we left on time and everything was good and fine. right as we left it started raining, and then after driving for a bit, it started pouring. We entered into the city and we found that the streets were flooded and with the hills of Cordoba we found ourselves driving through the rivers of Cordoba more than the streets. The bad luck that we had was that the chapel that we needed to go to was smack dab in the middle of this river. We found ourselves fighting through this river but the car couldn't make it through. We stopped on the side walk and decided to walk the rest of the way. We found ourselves crossing some of those rivers, but with luck and some jumping we only had some wet socks for the conference. As well with the second week of the transfer i have gotten to know my companions in this pension super well. We are all getting along super well. We have a lot of fun together. We have found ourselves making a lot of pizza in the pension. Elder Mendoza, Elder Celis, Elder Gomex and I, it is just one of those fun times that makes the work a lot easier too. A happy missionary is a smiling missionary right. I like having pensions with only Latinos. Only Spanish and the culture that they all bring is just different but i always find the fun part is when we find something in common. Anyway the life continues on we are working a ton with the members know and the vision of the mission is the tone day we don't have to tract anymore but that we can just walk talk and teach. Anyway, i love you all and i hope that everything is going great for you all. Elder Cook

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