Monday, March 3, 2014

A week full of miracles this week

A week full of miracles this week. Especially with the power of prayer that we have seen all this week. This week we had a challenge to contact everyone in the street and atleast share a prayer with them and have a short 5 minute lesson on the street or at their door step. Well lets just say for us it seemed like just a way to boost up numbers at first, but then en all reality we found why we need to have a prayer with everyone. It turly invites the spirit to everyone. We had a ton of people willing to invite us into their houses after that prayer than before. It was quite a cool thing, we learned for sure our leaders had a reason. We had a super cool expereince of Mexican food this week. It was the first time that i had guacamole and tacos since ever. i can say that i am starting to miss spicy food. spicy here isnt really a word. salty and greasy yes but spicy no. But i can sure say that it was quite a refresher to taste some good old food from mexico. in all reality i am finding that my weeks are becoming very similar and i feel that as i try to find this fun things that i did this week are the things that i do every week. i wash clothes, i walk and talk to people, we see miracles, and then we teach and talk to everybody. Well, so if anyone has questions send them please becasue i can never think for myself because when mondays come around i forget of everthing that we did...haha.... sad truths. anyway i love you all.

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