Monday, March 17, 2014

So this last week we contacted a guy in front of his house

Hey everybody! what a week it has been. in all reality it has been super crazy. With the week starting of so great with paint ball i didn't know where it would end but we had the blessing to have one of the greatest endings of the week anyone could ask for. but to start i am going to start off with a wonderful missionary story that has been developing over the last week. So this last week we contacted a guy in front of his house. He was working on his yard and when we started talking to him he really didn't have any interest at all. He tried to shed us off by giving us the excuses that we hear 24x7 as missionaries. But we left him with a pamphlet and before we left we asked if we could say a prayer. He reluctantly accepted. My companion elder gomex said the prayer and after the prayer, something changed in him. He almost started crying and promised us that he would read it. this week we didn't have time to pass by but we saw him working on his yard again. He screamed to us as we passed by ¨Jose Smith¨ and we laughed said hi and went on our way. saturday we were walking to the church and there he was again working on the yard. We decided to stop this time and take some time to talk. We learned he had read the whole thing and that he was more interested in reading the book that Joseph smith left, referring to the book of Mormon. Well we passed by right before we came to write emails and all that to give him a book of mormon. He promised us that he might start today but he wants to read it from cover to cover. Gave us a promise that he will read the whole book, not only that we now have a return appointment with him tonight. What miracles. Other wonderful thing of the week was two baptisms that we had this Saturday. They weren't convert baptisms but member baptisms. tow 8 year old kids were baptized this week but they were from two families that i am super close too. It was amazing we had taught these kids all about the what we need to do to be converted, and when the day came i couldn't imagine what spirit was in that room. We had 11 people that werent members sitting and watching this baptism. and at the end of it all the eight year old boy stood up in front of them all and invited every single on of them to be baptized. At 8 years old and a better missionary than most. It was simply amazing a moment that i will never forget in my mission. Other exciting things happened this week like losing our cell phone in a taxi, walking a lot, and having an interview with President. But in all reality that things that have stuck in my mind of what happened this week was those two events. I have been blessed to be here in this area to see miracles. And a whole lot of spirit in the members and my companion. I love life, i love the mission, and i love all of you. Thanks for the love and happy St Patrick's day. Elder Cook

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