Monday, March 24, 2014

We worked a ton this week with a lot of walking

Wow what a week. We worked a ton this week with a lot of walking. We were helping prepare for a baptism this week for the other elders that live in our apartment. They were over at their house basically every day for lunch and they would invite us to lunch every day so every once and a while we would go over with them for lunch or to help with something. With luck and a lot of blessings we were able to see them baptized as well. They asked me to sing two special numbers for their baptism. It was a little improved but it was really cool. It was fun to sing again. i miss singing a lot, but we have been given the challenge to share our talents more with our investigadors. I have been trying to sing more often in our lessons and more often just in the house. I love singing, it truly has power that touches the heart. With this as well these last two week have been a lot of celebration and a lot of activities. Last thursday we had a little activity where a sister from the ward and i cooked cakes and mate and we watched the jospeh smith movie for some members and investigators. It was little improvised as well. We made the activity and then two days later we had it. With a little bit of luck we had a good turn out and really did feel the spirit. Next activity will be tonight. We are going to celebrate the year in the mission with a gigantic asado. Elder Celis and I are celebrating this one year together so we wanted to make it the biggest we could. We have about 20 people coming. It will be super fun. I will try to take a lot of pictures. As well this week my companion and i have decided to eat a little more healthy. We bought more than 10 kilos of fruit which is like 20 pounds of fruit. Yeah talk about healthy. With a refrigerator full of fruit and milk we find ourselves eating a lot of cereal, milk shakes, and fruit for breakfast. Well i love you all and i hope that you all have a great week. I know that i have and i just get more and more excited to do the lords work. Every week we see miracles and every time that i open my mouth the lord surely does fill it. Te Amo Elder Cook

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