Monday, March 10, 2014

Well we started off the week with an exciting adventure

Well we started off the week with an exciting adventure. First off. We played Paintball as a zone today. I recieved a few hits but nothing really bad. It was super fun though. We found ourselves playing in the middle of a field with old cement houses and with tires and ply wood to protect us. with 19 elders it was super fun as well. Our team ended up winning the 3 games we played so we rocked it as a team. The first two games were attack and defense of one house. One time to attack and one to defend. We won both. The final was to capture and to protect certain areas. We won that time as well. Super fun. One of the best pdays that i have had on the mission so far. For last week....hmmm as i think about what has gone on i think a lot about the miracles we have seen in contacting. We have been chalenged to just talk to everyone in our path and atleast 10 extra people outiside of our normal work. This week we actually tried to do that more than the other weeks, but there was a time that we were in a bit of a rush to get home. Late a tnight and we were tryign to get home on time when we passed by a lady who said Hola Hermanos...The girl by her side started to laugh but we heard that she said that she called us Hermanos because she went to the church before. We ended up contacting her and she was an ivestigator of the church for almost 5 years and her son 12 but never were baptized and they dont know why. THey want to return to churhc now. Super cool. shows that you just got to take the time to contact. Other news of the weeks was how cold it ended up being this week. I can feel winter coming right towards us. My fear is that i have been in super hot humid weather for so long that when the cold hits i will die. I ahve foudn that actually the cold weather si gettign to me at night. No more sleeping with out a blanket. Thats for sure. We had two huge storms this last week. They actually remind me a lot of the storms that we had in Florida. Rains a lot. Lighting striking right outside, or right next to you as you are waitign outside for a member meal. Super fun i love the rain. My jacket sure helps me out. Well time is running out and i have told enough. I love you all. I will try to get more out next week. I love you. Elder Cook

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