Monday, March 31, 2014

We celebrated the official one year in the mission!

Well this week was a little different from the other weeks. First off we celebrated the official one year in the mission. It was super fun we had like 20 people there and it sure made for a good party. It was even better because the asado was one of the best that i have had here in Argentina. Our neighbor is one of the best chefs that i have met here. He was the one who made the asado. Another thing that happened this week was I AM OFFICIALLY LEGAL! and even better SOY ARGENTINO! Last friday i went to finalize my papers to get my DNI from Argentina. I dont have the card yet but in the next 30 days i will have it and i will not be illegal here anymore. The secretary was really relieved as well because it only lasts for a year. well when i told him i only have a little less then a year left he said that i was a blessing because i wouldnt have to come do it again. I feel lucky because even though i am legal and all that. the 7 hours of waiting in lines was pretty killer. Woke up and 5 in the morning and left with two other elders from the zone and didn't get back home until 3 in the afternoon. it was pretty killer. And finally the thing that changed up the week was the fact that Elder Gomez my comp had to go to the dentist 3 different times this week. The dentist office was about 6 blocks from our house but we ended up being there for a while. The thing we learned is that He ended up having to go get a root canal in the city so we ended up being there for a couple of hours on thursday. It was quite a fun experience for us all. But one thing was he had a hard time talking for a while due to problems of the anesthetic. Well the work keeps going forward. We just had two new families move into the ward and they seem super cool and super fun. As well as one of the hermanas will have her baby this week. And a change of branch president is going under way. With all these things going on, with transfers coming up i think we will have almost a completely new branch to work with this upcoming transfer. Well the work continues on and i love every moment of it. I cant believe sometimes how fast time is flying by. Time really flies when all you do is work your heart out until night comes. I hope that everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring time over there in the USA. The fall is sure coming hard on us. More rain and a little less heat. Still i cant believe at times where i am at, what i am doing, and how i am doing it. but i guess that is why since the beginning they have just told me to trust in the lord. It truly works out in the end. I love you all and i hope that you are all having the time of your life. Elder Cook

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