Monday, February 16, 2015


   well alright so carnaval isn't as near as big here as in other places. TO be honest we think Carnaval is just a place where people party and just live as it says in 2 Nephi "Eat Drink and be Merry for Tomorrow we Die" but here it is just a day to be absolutely lazy and have another reason to not go to work. IT is amazing how a whole city will shut down just because of a national holiday. Not even super markets stay open for these type of things. I miss my 24 hr open stores....
   This week has been one of the most rewarding and happier moments of my mission. These last couple of weeks we have been trying to prepare some things to make our last couple weeks be really worth it. We set up a branch mission plan and it has sure had its results. We have been recevieng member refereneces like crazy. People are creating lists of 5 to 10 people that we didn't even ask for. They just already have them thought of and are ready to help the missionaries find. 
  Another thing that has happened this week was that I was calling one of my old areas this last week and it came up to the topic of a less active family that i was teaching while i was over there. They had a 22 year old son that i became really good freinds with. To be honest the whole family were good friends of mine, but when i talked about the family they told me that the eldest son is now preparing to go on a mission. I shot up inot the air and i think i almost hit my head on our ceiling. We had been trying so hard with that family and to hear that they are now going to send a missionary out into the field just makes me the happiest guy on earth. I truly felt the promise which reads in DnC 18 "15 And if it so be that yoshould labor all your days icrying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shalbe your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
 16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that yohave brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!"
I have truly felt the joy that is promised of sharing the gospel with others and seeing the work of the lord progressing as it is brought to every nation and people. I love this work and at times liek these i cant imagine being anywhere else. At times like these i wish i could be a missionary my whole life, but the lord as his time and he has his ways. His thought are not my thoughts and his ways not my ways. I love this work and i am going to take advantage of every moment that i have here as a missionary. I love you all and i hope that you have a wonderful week!
   Elder Cook

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