Monday, February 23, 2015

we just had a load of surprises thrown at us in the blink of an eye

 well this week had to be a very interesting one because we just had a load of surprises thrown at us in the blink of an eye. Monday morning we were told that we would have to do informes this week which just means that i have to do my job as district leader and tell presidente about the district. Well i couldn't do that because i hadn't done an exchange with one of the elders so we had to do a quick exchange there from Tuesday to Wednesday so that i would be able to complete my job. 
Exchanges for me are really fun because i get to take a nice bus ride to a little town called Arroyito. The bus we take is like taking a plane. Nice seats a movie that usually is going on and a nice quite rumble of the engines. It makes for a fun ride. But it was a super cool exchange because on of the elders has quick make root beer extract. and lets just say 3 Americans that have all desires to remember something from home we made root beer floats that night to celebrate the exchange.
   After the exchange we had to travel to Cordoba to have a conference with Elder Gonzalez. He is the area president for south america south area. it was super cool to hear from a general authority. We are very blessed in this mission to hear from sooo many people. The weirdest part was to see every single one of my companions. It was hardest to say goodbye to my Latin comps. Thye are the ones that i probably will never be able to see again. Or at least the hardest people to speak to after but we still hope and i am going to try my hardest to keep in contact.
   This week we also had a baptism in the ward of a young mother who truly was converted to the gospel. She had left a lot of things behind and i know that with all my heart i was very blessed to have seen the big changes. I may not have been the biggest part of her conversion but i know that i was blessed to see faith in action and a true change in the heart of a woman who has gone through so much. I love the gospel for that. we see so many things.
  I love you all!
  Elder Cook

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