Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One week leads more to the other

So one week leads more to the other i think would be a good title for this last week. The first week of the transfer we have been trying to apply a lot of things from the one before and we went to a lot of members houses to get some references and maybe have the opportunity to get new investigators. Through that we finally were able to get to know our Elders Quorum president who has been super busy these last 3 months. When we finally got to meet with him he told us how much he has on his plate and he asked us for help in visiting members as well as getting our own list of families to visit. He asked us as well to act as counselors to help with the activities and specifically the family history side of his responsibilities. It has made things super interesting because for the next two weeks we have nothing but pure reunions for the next 2 weeks. It makes me realize how much i have learned about how the church runs here on the mission.
   Talking about family history, the district and the mission have put a huge focus on family history and has made sure that we can help others get theirs started and just through exploring i have learned a ton and i have also realized how much i should have learned this a long time ago. Maybe i just wasn't listening but i feel bad that i don't know as much as i probably should. I have a huge bloodline of pioneers in my blood, but some people i would have never guessed were converts when i thought they were members their whole life. I know now the importance of that and i hope to do a little bit of repenting when i get home.
   Well i really don't know what to write. I am running out of more and more ideas and my desire to share the small little things just comes to a close as i think that a lot of this could be shared in a later day. But anyways i love you all and i hope that everyone has just an amazing week!
   Elder Cook

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