Monday, June 17, 2013

    Hey Family and Friends, Guess what? I'm still in Florida. 4 of the 9 Visa waiters are leaving today though. Yeah, I know that I still have something to do here in Florida and I know that the Lord has blessed me for keeping me here for a 2nd transfer. The thing is, I don't know how long for this transfer I will be, it could be a day, it could be for the whole transfer. I got a letter from the Missionary Department saying "we are working on your visa don't freak out" Yup, it was pretty nice.
    This last week has been truly awesome though. We have found some pretty new and solid investigators. One of them is a 9 year old that is a son of member who has an investigator as a boyfriend. Yup I know that is a little confusing but we have two investigators in one house, the 9 year old speaks English and the boyfriend/step-dad speaks only Spanish. The thing is, it just makes them want to come over every day to teach each of them haha. They are an awesome family. They make us food all the time too, even if we don't want them to. They made smores for us this last week. We have them tonight again. They are the Avilleneda family. The parents are from Paraguay the cool part, they speak kind of like people in Argentina. It is really cool. I love being over at their house. It makes me happy to know that I get to spend a little more time with them.
   Saul is still doing pretty well. With his work schedule it is really hard to teach him, but he has come to church now twice. YAY! He basically is ready to be baptized, we just have to finish teaching him. He is super positive and I hope to see him Baptized before I leave. The cool thing about him was I was able to have a full conversation with him yesterday. It made me feel super close to him. This last Sunday he came and we had to translate for him. The coolest part about it, I had to translate for him during a couple of the meetings. He then approached me after church and told me how he liked my translation and really liked singing Soy Un Hijo De Dios(I am a child of God) and he understood it because we sing right next to him in Spanish. He is loving church and he has found so many friends. He is so solid and I hope to see him Baptized.
  Another interesting story. We didn't get to sleep until 2 o'clock this last night. You want to know why? It was because we were helping another companionship stop the flooding in their apartment in their bathroom. We got a call at 10:30 last night right before we went to bed from the companionship that lives in the apartment close to us. They called freaking out because their bathroom was flooding and starting to flood their bedroom. We went over there and their bathroom was taking on water from the walls and it was crazy. We were soaking up water with towels and the mop like crazy. We then just had to wait for the senior couple to get over and try to contact the emergency number. We were up until 2 because we couldn't sleep just in case we had to take in the other elders into our house and the elders didn't have a functional room. Well the senior couple just gave us permission to go to bed because the flooding had slowed down to a stop by that time. Yeah so I am a little tired today but I think the lord is blessing me because we still got up at 6:30. Obedience for the win.
  We have had so much success this week. We have found so many cool people this last week and we have a companionship record of 5 progressing investigators for this week. YAY! Our companionship is changing up this transfer. Elder Jackson is leaving for a different area and we will be getting a different elder who will be replacing him. We are hoping that this will help maybe fan the fire in our area that we just started. I love all of this and can't wait to learn some more from this area and from Florida. I love you all and I hope everyone had an amazing Fathers day.

     Elder Cook
These are two pictures from our District Prep Day.
1. Me at the Waterfall pointing at the crashed plane up there. Isn't that cool. Shows that Mini-Golf is taken seriously in Florida    

2. Sorry people, I sunk in some quick sand, good thing I was rescued!
(zoom in, quicksand only left behind Elder Cook's name badge, looks like that floats?!)

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