Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So first off, It rained... a lot!

So first off, It rained...A lot. I sent soem pictures trying to capture how intense this storm was. The morning started out fantastic as most mornings in Florida do. The next thing we see is some clouds in the distance and say to ourselves, "Oh it will probably rain today". We we got to one of our member meals when next thing you know, it starts raining. Wait did i say raining i mean pouring. It was creating a river outside of her porch. We then shared a quick scripture with her and rushed to go save the other elders who were trapped in the rain. We went to go pick them up and next thing you know, we are driving in a river. No joke. The car was creating a wake and water was being flung all over the car just from the puddles on the side of the road. Yeah Tropical Storm Andrea was nothing, just a consecutive rain. We were drenched after 3 seconds of being in that storm. We to get through the water to our car we had to do high knees just to make it so we wouldn't be stuck in the water. Yeah that was a fun crazy few hours.
   The great part about this last week is that I got to know my new companion. Elder Baugh. He is super awesome. He is super awesome. He is a magician. He does tricks here and there that just blow my mind. He loves playing board games too. He owns farkle so we play that with our free times during breakfast and lunch. We have a running total games that we play. He is kicking trash right now.
   Other news from this week. I'm feeling really good with spanish. I'm feeling more and more prepared as Argentina seems to get closer. Just the other day we were biking to an investigators house when a guy yelled at me and said "Hey" i stopped and he asked me if i spoke Spanish. I started speaking with him and he asked me what i was doing dressed up and on bikes. I basically taught him about joseph smith all by myself and all in Spanish. It was absolutely crazy. I felt so good about it. He even accepted a Book of Mormon and started reading it right after i left. He just sat down on a bench and started reading. It was so awesome. I'm hoping to see him this next sunday so we will see what his full potential is.
  So a lot of changes are happening here in Florida. President and Sister Hall are leaving and President and Sister Berry are coming in as new Mission President and Wife. I don't know how long they will be here before i leave, but that just means if they arrive while i am here, i will have a new mission president also in Cordoba when i finally make it down there.
  I'm still in Florida, but i truly don't know for how long. I love it down here, storms and all. I am hoping i get to see a baptism while i am here, but if i don't life goes on i know that the people that we are teaching now that they are prepared enough to be baptized. Saul has come to church now three times and loves it and is now participating in Gospel Principles. Iris as well made it to church this last sunday and we are hoping she had a positive experience.
   I love being a missionary. The lord has blessed me in so many ways. He has blessed me with the Gift of Tounges and the gift of interpretation of tounges on multiple occasions. I  know that i am learning Spanish so quickly is because the Lord is preparing me. He has prepared the people here in Florida for me to meet them and also he is preparing people in Argentina as well. The lord is truly preparing the way. Big things are happening in the world and i am one of the few who get to witness the changes that are happening first hand. I love this work and i know it is more about me leaving for two years to serve the lord. I am making a difference by doing the Lord's work. I am starting to lose myself in it and having so much fun doing so. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me.
      Elder Cameron Jay Cook

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