Monday, July 1, 2013

Hola from Florida 7/01/2013

     So this last week has been crazy. Once again we were hit by a flash storm that just poured on us. We had just arrived at a potentials house when the clouds rolled in. We were just about done with the lesson when bam, lighting everywhere and it was pouring. We finished the lessons tried to call a ride but it didn't work out so we decided to bike it out. 13 minute bike ride home and we were soaked. The rain was absolutely crazy.
     Speaking of that lesson before it rained. He is a super positive investigator now. We had received him from a media referral from the MTC. He wanted a Book of Mormon. He had received a card from some missionaries while out working construction He called the number and now we are teaching him. He is super awesome. His name is Miguel Rodriguez and he has a family of his wife and two kids. We are super stoked to start teaching him. He says he wants to start involving his whole family in our lessons. He is super awesome already willing to be baptized and everything. If things go as planned we might be having a lot of baptisms soon. Yay!
  Also, we have been teaching this little 9 year old for a few couple weeks and it has been so cool to see him grow in the Gospel. Kids are just so amazing when it comes to these kinds of things. It also helps because the Mom and the kid’s siblings are already members so they have talked a lot about it with him. The only problem with him is that we just can't get the dad's approval to have him get baptized. We are hoping the dad softens his heart before the kid has to leave but if anything we have planted something within him that will hopefully soften the Dad's heart when he goes back to live with him in a few weeks.
    One crazy story for the week. So we were teaching one of our investigators about opposition from Satan when deciding to take the steps to repenting when her neighbor walked over and started cussing us out right in the middle of the lesson. She just said that our investigator shouldn't believe a single word that we were saying to her and that nothing we say is true. After she left our investigator told us that she wasn't even close to her and basically didn't even know her. HAHA it was so funny.
   Other news, I am still in Florida. Yup and probably will be for a while. Nothing else too exciting has happened this week besides the fact that I am feeling a lot more comfortable with listening to people in Spanish. I know that I am not perfect quite yet, but I am feeling a lot comfortable. I am able to participate more in the lessons because I am able to finally understand about 80 percent of what people are saying. I know that as I continue to work that the Lord will bless me with the ability to speak Spanish.
   I love this work and I have truly been blessed with the many miracles on this mission. I have been out for now 3 months and things are just speeding by. I know that this mission will be a precious gem. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in his work.
  Elder Cameron Jay Cook

So the first picture is of me right after the other storm.

2nd is of my bike...out of commission again. We went to go fix it today. It should be good to go with a quick fix. As good as new.

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