Monday, July 29, 2013

having a rough time still just finding the elect who are truly are prepared for the Gospel

So, once again not much happened. Things are going on as normal for the week. We go out, talk to people, having a rough time still just finding the elect who are truly are prepared for the Gospel, and then we go to sleep,wake up, and do it all over again. The life of a missionary right. The good thing is, this area might be having a rough patch right now but i feel that this next transfer will be one of great success. The reason i mention this is tomorrow both of my companions are leaving to different areas this transfer and I am getting two new ones. Leading the area basically. This will be quite a fun transfer. I will be sending pictures of my new companions probably next week because i haven't even met them yet.
   Other than that, Other things that happened this week was once again it rained alot. We have figured that it is a nightly thing now where we will have rain for about an hour starting around 4:45 to 6. This last week we were also having some problems with both Elder Baugh's and Elder Giraldo's bike and the car so it was just difficult to get out and about this week. We figured out rides to get to our appointments when needed and other than that we just had to wait for the car to be fixed. Oh the greatness of being in car share. The fun thing was when we weren't having problems with our bikes it rained on us a ton so we were drenched basically for the majority of our nights.
 Speaking of which, I am still in Florida and probably will be for another transfer. These last transfers it has followed a pretty good pattern with visa waiters. 9 came in with me than after that transfer 4 left on the P-day before transfers, then this transfer 2 more left today. I feel like they like sending them out on Preparation days right before transfers. So i am starting to feel that this one is my last one, but that just means that the Lord needs me here.
  I am sorry this one is so short but I just don't know what to write about. Not a lot happened this week, but i feel a good week coming up. New views and new attitudes. I also don't have any pictures for this week just because it wasn't on my mind. I will try to get some out to you all next week. I love you all. 
      Elder Cook

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