Monday, August 5, 2013

this last week has been soo much knocking doors

Wow, what a week it has been. So this last week has been soo much knocking doors. We have had very little success with our teaching pool lately so we have made it a focus of ours to start finding some more people. Gladly some of our people have been through members which is always the best, but we still are finding through our own efforts. We were just going down the list of people to see. Most of the time they weren't home or they just didn't answer the door, but we did find some really cool people. One of which was quite a miracle find. We ran into a puerto rican while knocking and told us he was a Jehovah's witness which usually makes for a fun contact, but the even cooler part was that he just wanted to learn about what we believed. We basically gave him the whole lesson on the restoration and he was totally accepting it all. Even got a information to meet back with him. He was a super cool guy. The only bad thing was is we are going to have to hand him off because if we go on teaching him and his family, they mainly speak english so we will be handing them off to the English elders in our ward. Oh well, still spreading the gospel which is the thing that truly matters.
   Other than that, we had a super cool miracle happen to us just yesterday. We were following up on a member referral that was given to us last transfer. Well lets just say it wasn't a huge success for us as missionaries. We then do what we usually do when we have time to spare which is tract the area. We were knocking doors all through this circle when we came upon this door that we were just treating as a regular door  contact. The lady answered the door and was super open and welcoming to us. We were quite happy to think we may have just found a miracle find in this neighborhood. We then learned when talking to her that she was a member that was baptized a few years ago and had just moved into this house two weeks ago. We then continued to talk to her and were invited into her house.  The miracle about it was that we started to give her an impromptu lesson about trials and patience and she then cut in the middle of us and asked how we found her. Well we told her that we just happened to knock on her door but she was originally part of later plans that we had made. So either way we were planning on stopping by. She then just started telling us why she moved down to Florida and that she was suffering really bad from some trials that she herself was going through. It was crazy on how the spirit had guided us to knock her door and to meet with her, then guide us to talk to her about patience through trials.
  Other than that, this week has been super fun. I have been introducing my Two new companions to the area. Their names are Elder Politio and Elder Meza. Both are amazing spanish speakers. They both spoke spanish before the mission and basically are native speakers. I feel so behind some times, but then i just laugh when people look dumbfounded when i start to speak to them in Spanish. I even taught a member this last week and i was trying to place where i knew him from. Well let us just say it struck me that he was my first lesson that i ever taught on the field. I was so surprised on how much i could understand him and then reply to what he had questions with. I can't even imagine what i might be like in Argentina. That is of course when i get there. I love you all. thank you so much for the letters that you send me and the encouragement that i feel from your prayers. Know that i pray for you all too. I love you and i know that our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, loves you too. I know he loves you because he died for you all. I know that as i have started this mission, i have seen the miracles of the love of christ in the lives of many. I love you all and i hope that this next week is filled with many miracles.
  Te Amo
     Elder Cook

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