Monday, August 12, 2013

Primero-Todavia Estoy en Florida

Primero-Todavia Estoy en Florida
          Yes i am still here. I know it is getting old for a lot of people to hear this, but i am letting everyone know that i haven't heard anything. Probably won't until the end of this transfer. I know it sucks for everyone but i still live and i am learning to love this place...except for the humidity. I don't think i will ever love the humidity.
       Other than that this week has been so good. A lot of this week has been tracting doors which makes for a pretty good week, but it is always awkward with three people. We have started to make door contacting with only 2 people because it almost feels like a mob at the door if we have three. We had a really interesting door contact this last week where we were invited into this man's house. He seemed super nice and it is always nice to enter into a home after a long morning of tracting. Well let us just say he tried to convert us to his gospel where the Ten Commandments where written on tablets the shape of a heart and and that the last prophet was John the Baptist. Yeah it was pretty interesting. Especially since he started just directing all the questions he had to me. In was so strange. We decided to leave and then left us with a prayer saying that he had changed the direction of our mission and everything. Another one was when we tracted into a deaf man who kept pointing to me outlining a speedo and doing the swimming action. Yeah it was crazy. We had a lot of fun lessons. I can start to see the crazy stories come to life in my mind of the other missionaries. The stories and miracles are always in abundance on a mission.
   So This was my second week with my new companions and it is quite strange because one of them is leaving in two weeks. Elder Meza was basically done with his mission and this was supposed to be his last transfer. Well, basically he talked to president and got approved to go home two weeks early so he could attend school. Once he leaves we are going to fight to get the other visa waiter from our ward into our companionship so that he can get into the Spanish work instead of being in English. Which just means that i will have some more changes. Though Elder Meza is leaving it will be super hard to say goodbye to him. He has taught me a lot about missionary work in general. He has been my example and kind of a vision of what i want to be as a missionary. I finally have seen an example of balance in the life of a missionary and i feel that if i just follow his advice that he has given me so far and then just take it through the rest of the way. Elder Polito and Elder Meza and I are having so much fun together. This last week we actually built a Chicken Coop for service for the Rangel Family(Recent Converts). It was so fun, but just looking at it now is just awesome because i helped make a chicken coop. It is so cool too because this transfer is flying by. After this week we are half way done with the transfer which is just abnormal, at least for me.
  Another cool thing that happened this week was seeing a rocket fly off into space. We were driving off after our correlation meeting and we saw this red dot fly off into the sky. Elder Polito told us that is was a personal rocket being launched off. We watched it go off an we tried to take a picture of it but all i could get was a red dot on my camera so i hope that it suffices enough to let you all know that in Florida i have seen Disney, Rockets go off into space, and alligators. All you need out of Florida and more. We also saw this car that said shufflin on its license plate. Yup pretty awesome.
   So cool experience of the week was this last Tuesday. So as i mentioned before we have another Visa Waiter who is officially in the English Elder's area. Well we thought of this brilliant plan to take him to a Spanish lesson just so he could get back into the Spanish experience. Well, we found a perfect opportunity to take him. We had English/ Spanish class collide right over a few lessons that we had planned so we asked if we could split up the two tri-panionships and make 3 companionships for the night. Well i took Elder Childs(The other Visa Waiter) to a lesson while the other two stayed at the classes. Well it was good for both of us because he had a chance to speak Spanish and i had the opportunity to not rely on my native companions. Well we were only planning on it being a member lesson, well what actually happened was the member is renting out a room to a non-member family who ended up wanting to listen to the message and continue to listen to it. We got to teach a new family and then were able to get a return appointment. Elder Childs didn't even realize that the other family was a non member until after the lesson. He was so happy. We hope to be putting him into Spanish work soon.
   I love you all family and i am so thankful for all the prayers and love that i know i have received from you. Thanks for the letters! I love you all.
      Se Amo,
         Elder Cook


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