Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey every body!

Hey every body. We had such a crazy week this week. So much has happened i don't know what to start with. One thing though that is kind of weird-ing me out that Elder Meza is leaving this week. He leaves for home on thursday. Super weird thought. Seeing him pack up all his stuff and basically finishing off his mission is just one of those experiences that is just weird to watch from a distance. I am still really new into this mission and he has already served the two years. He has been a great example though of how to be near the end of your mission. I find that i have seen a few examples of Elders who just can't find a balance. I'll miss him.
   So this week we have had a super cool week. First off, we had a couple super cool experiences. We first got a Baptismal date with one of our investigators that I started teaching my first transfer here. Her name is Iris Luna and she is super cool. We started teaching her from a find off the street and we just set a baptismal date with her for the end of this transfer. i super hope i get to see her baptized before this week. She is super prepared and super excited for baptism. She is just not excited for the fact that one day i will leave. She doesn't like the fact of change in her life. It made me a little sad to see her hurt so much by just the fact that i would be leaving. The thing is that we have a solid friendship for her that has super helped her out. We will be seeing her a couple times this week to keep preparing her for baptism and then she will be ready. It is so cool to see the changes in peoples lives. One of the many blessings of being a missionary.
   Other than that we got another super prepared member find this week. We were invited over for dinner this last week to a Sister Solano(a converted Jehovahs Witness) where she asked us to give a blessing to one of her long time friends. He is a non member and we asked if we could come back and start teaching him about the church. He accepted the invitation and when we went to go teach him we learned not only was he interested in the church, but he had already started reading the Book of Mormon and was half way done with it. He is a super cool guy. We wants to get baptized but wants his whole family to be taught first before he accepts a date. It was a miracle find for us and we are super excited to start teaching him. Funny part of the meeting was when we asked if he was a member when we gave the blessing Sister Solano said "no but he will be."
  Other than that, the week has been super cool. We have talked to so many people. We have put our focus to finding a family to teach and from that we have been super blessed. We have gotten closer has a companionship. It is going to be weird without Elder Meza. Elder Polito and I are super excited to start working together to get this area back up to miracle land. I am loving it here in Florida and as the days pass by, it makes things super hard to imagine that i will be leaving. I love the people of Florida, especially the people here. An experience that i had this week kind of showed me that as missionaries you learn to love people really fast. We met this Guatemalan lady who was visiting here for her Daughter. She was a super active member down in Guatemala and was super excited to have us over for dinner. Well we were over there twice and she told us she was going back to Guatemala. It hurt us all so bad to have to say goodbye to her. We have only known her for 3 weeks and when we say our official goodbyes tonight, it will be hard.  Leaving this area will be hard. i have gotten to know and love this ward, the people, and the area. I guess it just happens when you connect your spirit with your emotions. Elder Meza says that is one thing that he could tell about me.
   Anyway, sorry this letter is so short, we have been super busy this P-day because it is the only day Elder Meza has to finish everything that he has to do. I love you all and i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me for this upcoming week. We have Zone Conference, Elder Meza leaving, and some more miracles being revealed to us. I love you all and i hope that all this week is filled with love and guidance.
      Elder Cook


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