Monday, July 22, 2013

Twinkies and gas, gasoline that is!

Hey Everybody!
     So this last week not a lot has happened. It rained a lot which means that we had to stay inside. It was just crazy. Just yesterday we had this huge storm just come out of no where. We were in our house for dinner and we just heard this huge CRASH. There was lightning just ride out side our complex basically. AHHH. The storm went on for an hour and a half. Lightning was flashing every 10 seconds. Maybe even less than that. Our room was shaking as the sound of thunder would hit our house. We would see flashes and the sound would be less than 2 seconds away. It was insane. It was probably the biggest Lightning storm i have seen while i was down here. It poured too. We were quite glad that we didn't have a dinner appointment set up for that day or we would have been done for.
   I wanted to share a quick experience of a contact that i had this week. We were on exchanges this last Tuesday with our District leader and he is really good about talking to Everyone. I was leading our group of bikes down the main road when i looked behind and both of my companions had disappeared. They had turned around and biked after a guy who had walked into a Gas Station parking lot. Well they were talking to him when a van pulled up at a pump and a guy walked out, saw us, and just kind of paced around with this look of I-want-to-talk-to-you. Well i pulled away from the group and started talking to him. He then asked me to pray for him. He told me a little bit of what was going on with his life and i was quite surprised to see how hard of a life he might have had. I said a prayer and then right after started teaching him. He had to leave after a few minutes but the crazy part was when it started raining again  later that day, we met with him in another gas station. We were taking shelter and he ended up coming in a few seconds later. That was crazy! I then took that opportunity to teach him basically about Priesthood authority and the need for baptism. It was crazy cool. He isn't my investigator because he speaks English but cool all the same.
   Other than that, i haven't heard anything about the Visa. Every body asks and all i can say is Todavia estoy esperando por mi visa, in English Still waiting for my visa. I don't know how long i will be here and some are starting to joke that i might just be finishing my mission here. Another joke is i would get my Visa the last day or week of my mission. I know it won't be like that, but i feel as if my time here is coming to a close, but we will see. The great thing about being here in Florida though is that i get the time to learn more Spanish. I have been feeling way more comfortable with my Spanish than i ever have before. I even got a compliment on how much my Spanish has improved since i got here into the ward. i only have been here for 3 months and i can have  a pretty decent conversation, i mean mostly about the Gospel but at least a conversation none the less.
    Well, i love you all. As Pioneer day approaches, think of your ancestry. That is what i have been doing. I mentioned this to my Mom, but i did that math and officially i am a 9th Generation Latter Day Saint. I am as old as they come, maybe not but i am one fo the few original families that stayed with Joseph Smith and then followed the church across the plains. Yup i know this church is true. Read a story or two about your ancestors this week, if you don't have one at hand, i challenge you to find one. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be hard to find with all the technology that we have.
   Also good news for everyone that i am pretty sure everybody knows already is the Twinkie is back. Yeah i just wanted to mention that. I saw them at the Walmart this last Monday and thought i was dreaming. I then found them, bought a box, and have been enjoying them for the past week. My companions have found me quite weird that i was so happy to see a box of Twinkies. I just am so happy to know that i have not tasted my last Twinkie for a while.
   I love you all. I think  about you all often.
          Elder Cook
   (The Picture of me is with me and my first box of Twinkies)

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