Monday, July 15, 2013

Wild (in) Florida

Hey Everybody!
   So this last week has been super crazy. We met our new mission president this last week at a Zone Conference. He gave us all these coins that are super cool. I don't have a picture of it but I carry it around in my white shirt pocket all the time so maybe one day ill take a picture. He is super cool. His name is President Berry. He lived in Draper Utah and he said he knew some Cooks and he just left it at that. He is super on top of things. He had these crazy transfers that have happened just yesterday. People were basically ET'ed(Emergency Transferred) with most of them exchanging today. It was super crazy. We had this companionship that lived in the same complex as us and one of them was freaking out yesterday because he got the call to be exchanged. One day i hope i might get that same call but to go to Argentina!
   This last Monday we went to Wild Florida which is basically a zoo for some crazy animals...mainly Alligators. The cool thing is, is that this place is owned by a member of the Church so missionaries get in free and get a discount at the gift shop. We were there for about an hour  and saw some gators, some watussi's, and even a ZeDonk. Which is a Zebra and a Donkey mix. I have a few pictures that i will be sending of some of the crazy things that i saw there. So you will be able to see a part of some of my adventures.
   So one crazy thing about this week was during our meet and greet with President Berry we were told that this Huge storm was going to come and get us so we would have to be super safe. Well we saw the storm come in on Saturday and we were freaking out because it looked menacing. We went immediately back to our house to make sure we weren't hit by anything to serious. Well....Let us just saw the look was bigger than its bite. It rained for an hour or so, but it wasn't anything too serious. We still stayed inside because of the lightning, but it was just way disappointing. 
   Nothing too exciting has happened this week. Still haven't heard anything about the Visa besides the fact of I might be staying here from a member who's brother had the same problem. His brother got his Visa three days before he was going to be staying there for his whole mission. I know the Lord will put me where the Lord needs me to do his work. I love this work and i see it affect the lives of the people i talk to. Even if they don't recognize it fully, i see it. The lord blesses us every day. My challenge for people this week is to just write down a list of the things you are thankful for. You would be surprised on as you update it through out the week you see the Lord working in your life and how much he truly has blessed you. Even if you only do it for a week, you truly see how you are blessed. 
  I love every body. Peace and Blessings to you all.
                 Elder Cameron Jay Cook

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