Monday, June 3, 2013

 Well, the regular transfer time is almost here. I can't even believe how time can seem to fly by. The weeks just seem to mush together. My companions have even told me that the first transfer is always the longest. Well these next two years are going to fly by with amazing speed if this one is supposed to be the longest.

            Just to let you know I am still in Florida at the moment. I don't know when and I haven't received any sort of update of when. The sad thing is, I am truly loving the people that I am serving and it will be hard to say good bye. There are so many people here that I just want to see them progress and see them realize their relationship with Christ, but that will be really hard when the Lord needs me in Argentina.

I have gained relationships here also in Florida while spending the last few weeks here. I have gained the Nickname Elder Galleta which in English means Elder Cookie. Yeah there was one elder in my District who just called me that one day and it stuck for him, the thing that sealed it was one day we went to see an Investigator and I said Hi my name is Elder Cook and he said "Oh Elder Galleta si" and my companions busted up laughing so now I will forever be known here as Elder Galleta. I am going to miss it here, but I know that my feelings truly don't matter when it comes down to it because I will lose myself in the work over there in Argentina as well.

  The Investigator we had with a Baptismal date set for couldn't make it to Church 2 times before his date so we have to move the date. It was hard to see that happen, but you know what - life goes on. We hopefully have some more positive Investigators that we can set some baptismal commitments with this week. We are feeling really good about the work that we are doing here in Kissimmee.
Well, I continue to see miracles while I work here and I wish I could put all of them down and tell you about them. The hard thing is, it would take longer than the hour that I am allotted. I love this work and I truly get to see the wave come in. There is so much forward movement in the work of the Lord. God has prepared his Children for the restored Gospel and it truly is amazing to see the changes that it can make in people’s lives. I love this Work and I can't wait to see more. The Work of the Lord is truly hastening.
Love you all. This Church is true.
        Love,   Elder Cameron Jay Cook

PS: For anyone who is sending handwritten letters make sure to put my full name because there are 2 Elder Cooks in the Orlando mission so you never know when you have two people with the same last name.

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