Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yay! I love missionary work. As the days go on i just am falling in love with the work. It may make some of the days long but the weeks fly by. It is crazy to think that i have already been gone for 2 months. Yeah i am thinking that it is pretty crazy to think of where i am and how much i have grown. Especially in the language of Spanish. I am in a full Spanish speaking area so it makes practicing really easy. The hard part is trying to understand what they are saying so i can give an appropriate response back to them. I am getting better and i practice every day to listen and understand a little more. The members are really helpful with the Spanish and every time they hear me they are quite surprised on how much i have learned in the little time i have had. The spirit truly is an amazing tool. I know that i am only able to speak and learn so quickly because i have the Holy Ghost as a companion 24/7. I truly am learning a lot, it also helps to have a Native Companion to help me just listen to him speak. I am starting to get about 50 percent of what he says and sometimes even more. As i listen and practice things get better.
   Another good thing is that i continue to see miracles in the Work of the Lord. We keep running into people that seem to be prepared for the Gospel every day. I can't remember if i talked about this person last week, but i am going to mention one of our newest and most potential baptisms. Here name is Iris Luna and she is from Puerto Rico. She is super funny and super nice to us. The first day we met her was just on the streets with our bikes and then one day we tried her door and she just let us in and we taught her. She was super receptive to the message and really loved it as well. She took a Book of Mormon the next lesson and was really excited to have her own book. She was just surprised and loving that we gave her this book for free. This last lesson we learned that her husband, who is in the Dominican Republic, just got a Visa to come into America. He will be coming at the beginning of next week. They talked and she mentioned us to him and He advised her to start Reading the book every day. He was advising her to continue meeting with us and listen to us. It was absolutely incredible to know that once he comes in we might just have another investigator. The husband feels that we bring a message of Peace and all of it is contained in the Book of Mormon. It is so awesome to see these miracles in a work that i have been called to do.
   We are having a lot of storm down here though. We are allowed to bike and drive in the rain, but once there is lightning we can't be out on bikes anymore. The beginning of last week we had 3 straight days of 2 hr lightning storms. It was crazy. We would end up being stuck in our house or in some public place for those two hours. We were on bikes for all of those days so we couldn't do a lot. One day we got stuck in the mall. Yeah we couldn't do much but look around. Lightning is crazy over here in Florida. I mean i thought it was bad in Herriman, but it is constantly bad here and they plan it to be bad. The rain though is fun. We get drenched during the storms and then it ends and we are dry within an hour. The heat just gets so intense after rain storms. Humidity is definitely something that i have to get used to. Good thing though is i am enjoying the fact that it actually rains in Florida.
   One cool thing about this last month is the opportunities i have had to serve. I think we have had around 4 or 5 service projects we have been able to do for the members so far. We have painted a house, done yard work, constructed a part of an extension for a house, and then we go and do the service of the Lord. It is absolutely fantastic.
  Yup the missionary life is truly awesome. I love it here in Florida and it will be hard to leave once i have to leave. I have grown close to the people here in Florida and i love them so much. It is interesting how little you understand of the love of Christ until you see it affect the lives of those who haven't allowed themselves to feel it before. Some people may not understand what the love of Christ and his Atonement truly is. But that is why the Lord sent me and other missionaries out into the world. We are to teach and preach the love of Christ and what he has given us to prepare for him. We are truly blessed to have a restored Gospel on this earth. We are blessed to have a Prophet who is able to speak with our Heavenly Father so that we can be guided in our Modern Days. We never truly know what is a head in our future, but we do know how to prepare. The doctrine of Christ truly is something that will have no end. He even said that the world and the sun will but his word never will. I can't remember the scripture reference for that, but it is said multiple times. I love this work and i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this week because he continually blesses my life with his miracles.

Speaking of Pirates, I just taught one my last P-day. You probably saw the Pirate Mini-Golf course right next to the Walmart. Yeah we went there

This one is Me and Elder Jackson in the Gallows....We were preaching the Gospel to one too many people...Maybe that was what it was like for those first missionaries. I mean a lot got sent into jail and things like that. I wonder how it would have felt if i would have been there all day.

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