Wednesday, May 1, 2013

P-Day changed and Reassigned

  Hello everybody, only 4 days have passed and i'm coming to talk to you again today. YAY!!! they changed everyones schedules at the MTC because BYU just got out. Yup that means my awesome schedule has now changed and i have another P-day on a monday. I am just so excited!*sarcasm* But, the bright side is i get to have a p-day on probably the best day of the week because everyone hates mondays.
   Not a lot has happened in these last four days besides the schedule change. I got my Hep shot this last week, that was fun. The devotional was really cool last night too. We had Steven B Allen, Director of the Missionary Dept. speak. He was really cool and had some really good adivce. Most of it was just telling us to hang in there because Satan has watched us grow up for 19 or so years, and knows exactly what buttons to push. We have made it this far, we can make it that much more. He didn't say anything too profound, just that we all have given stuff up and that is just the life of the missionary. We will be tired depressed yet blessed for the work we will be doing. It was really good.
   Well the last part of this message will be about the Visa front. I am officially getting reassigned. My name was submitted for reassignment last friday, or possibly today. Unless i get my visa today and i was reassigned to wait in the MTC, i'm probably going elsewhere. YAY! It is quite cool because when this happens we really get into talking about the why's. A lot of speakers talk about how our callings are from God, which they are. The cool thing is, he probably knew that i would be reassigned. The cool thing is, it just means that i have to teach a soul somewhere out there, that probably no one else can teach. God will need my skills and my talents elsewhere, and not quite yet in Argentina. I know that it might be hard keeping up on my Spanish, but i know i can work hard to work on it every day and i will keep up on my spanish even if that means speaking to a Companion who doesn't know a word that i am saying in the mornings. 
  Well, that is all i have to say for now, this week i have a few pictures from last week and this week that i  am sending a long. I hope everyone is having fun, i am. I love you all.

So i thought i would put some other cool stuff down that i have experienced so far. I remember then i forget haha. Well yesterday i was walking back to class after our devotional when i heard someon etalking about some fires in the valley. Well i asked him what fires and he was talking about some in the provo valley, i turned around and thought he looked familiar. I looked at his badge and saw Elder Hall...Well i asked him his name, It was Preston Hall from Elementary school. WHAT!? we had entered into the MTC on the same day and we are leaving most likely on the same day. The even crazier part, he is goign to Santiago Chile which is right next door to Argentina! That is absolutely crazy!
   Well, i just got back from the temple trip and i realized after the fact, that will probably be my last temple trip for a while, that is unless the place i get reassigned has a temple and i get to go once but i really don't know. It makes me a little sad that i won't be able to do temple work for a while. I absolutely love the fact though, i will deffenitly make it to the Cordoba temple. I am really excited to experience the temple especially since it will all be in Spanish. Hopefully by then i will be able to speak very fluent spanish....lets just hope so. My spanish is getting better though. I feel pretty good about speaking it, not so good about writing it. Anyways, i am really excited to tell you guys where i'm headed to next, because i am super excited to know where the lord needs me the most.
   Hey dad, this discussion is for you. I remember once upon a time you asked me who the personage that appeared to Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemene. Well i have been reading up on the Gospels recently, and i came upon the scripture where it brings up that the Angel came down and strengthend him. Well, i really wanted to see what other people thought this Angel was, so i asked. Well the most obvious answer that an Elder gave me was the Holy Ghost, but i don't think that can be possible with the term Angel. The Holy Ghost is not an Angel, he is a Spirit. Well, after a lot of study, we came up with two theories. Possibly Adam, because he was the closest to Jesus in pre-Earth life, but the thing is that he would have to be resurected and we couldn't find any real proof that he would have been ressurected before that point. The next theory is that it could be John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus Chirst. They were really close and we know that he must have had some sort of power to appear because he appeared to Joseph Smith. I mean John grew up with him and was the one to be there for his Baptism, why not for the toughest time in his life. The other two options we thought of was Moses or Elijah the ones who showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration, but we coudln't exactly pinpoint why. I would love to hear your thoughts about it and maybe you could find some scriptures to support another theory.
P.S. Shaving everyday is seriously the worst part of being a missionary... Sometimes i just feel like not shaving for a day, and that day is usually P-day which is great, but then i have to shave that night before we go to class. Yeah shaving is horrible. Just wanted to let that out there.

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