Thursday, April 25, 2013

YAY, this is my second to last P-Day in the MTC. Woo Hoo! I have survived this long and i only have 11 days left in the MTC....that is unless i get extended here because of Visa things but that will be mentioned later.
This Week has been crazy. I mean i had an amazing birhtday first off. I'm officially 19 or the old official mission age. It is weird becuase really Age in the MTC means nothing. I mean we have such a huge range in the MTC right now, that things just seem in Limbo. Especially since the teachers aren't that much older than us. I mean one teacher just got back from his mission like 5 months ago which just makes me feel like i'm  at this weird age of during the mission, especially since i don't know a lot of people at this age just because most of the people i have known in my life are gone during this age. The next part of this whole consipiracy is the fact that the MTC is a black hole of Time. 5 weeks have passed and it feels like days. We call the time where we sleep at night just "nap time" because it doens't feel like a day passes within that ammount of time. We wake up and go to class for a whole day. It is quire strange.
   The next part of this letter is adressed to all of those who sent me birthday cards and presents. I will be sending hand written letters to all of you, don't worry. It might just take me a while to get them all written. Thank you all so much for thinking of me, it really did make my day. It was werid because my birthday just kind of appeared. I woke up and people were saying happy birhtday. I really didn't understand that i had officially had turned 19 over night. Anyway thank you all so much, it really meant a lot.
   Next part is about the Visa front. I have no idea where the process is at right now. Nothing but waiting it seems. Next thursday or wednesday we will be getting our travel plans, and those will give us all the information about where we will be serving after the MTC. It could be Argentina, Utah, or anywhere. They might just keep us here at the MTC if we can wait for the Visa, but we as a district believe it will either be Argentina or a reassignment. Just keep praying for the Visa to come through. If i do get reassigned my Parents will be the first to know because i get to call them from the MTC about it so just be waiting for the information.
   Mi español es muy bueno. estoy hablando muchas cosas en español cada dia. I am quite surprised on how much spanish i am getting a hold of now. My companion and i taught a 40 minute lesson to a member in TRC this week and it was quite amazing on what we were able to teach during that time. Especially since most of it was in Spanish. We are moving at great speed as a district and we are getting a real hold of the Spanish language. We speak only spanish outside of the Classrooms and even then try to use as much spanish in the classroom as possible. We have turned ourselves into investigators this week because after saturday, we won't have any teachers in the Classroom anymore, just ourselves. So it will be quite an interesting experiecence.
   We are officially the oldest District in the Zone so we are the ones that are getting ready to leave which is quite strange. We talk about getting ready to leave as if it is a few days, which sometimes it does feel like that. The Hermanas (Sisters) in our District know for a fact though where they are going which makes things a little strange. If we get held back for a few weeks, it will only be elders in our district. Our Hermanas were called to Spokane Washington mission and they are all rearing to go. we are just anxious to see if we are able to go into Argentina.
   Anyway, days are getting monotonous here and i am really ready to go out and teach, where ever that may be. I once again thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes and for the wonderful day that you made it to be. I hope that you will all here pretty soon about where i will be sent in the next week because i am just as excited to know as probably most of you are haha. Anyway i love you all and i hope life is treating you as well as it is treating me here in the MTC.
   Elder Cameron Jay Cook

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