Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hola mi familia,

  Two weeks into the MTC and i am tired. Mi espanol es muy bueno. Yo estoy hablando en espanol todo dias. Este lunes mi distrito hablaran solomente espanol. En una semana mi distrito hablaran solomente espanol por tres semanas. (En ingles) My spanish is really good. I am speaking in spanish every day. This friday(tomorrow) we as a district will only speak spanish to each other. In one week my district will be speaking only spanish for the next three weeks. I know it is still a little rough, but i am learning. I mean 12 hours a day learning spanish is a really good way to learn a language. The next greatest thing is the fact that i have the Holy Ghost with me to help me learn. We as a district are actually ahead of our level and our teacher is quite surprised at the point where we are at. He says that by the end of our MTC stay we will know a lot more than the average district.

   Yesterday we had our first TRC. For those who don't know what that is, it is teaching Members who speak spanish about doctrine. Basically a member visit while we are in the MTC. It went absolutely amazing. My companion and I are starting to work really well together. We were surprised on how much we got complimented on how well we worked together. It was an amazing experience. We taught two people. A college girl who had studied spanish in Spain, and then a Chilean woman who had grown up in Chile but now lives in Orem. The experience was way cool and the way the spirit spoke through us was amazing. We taught lessons like we never had before. We have started on our second "Investigator", Javier, and we are going to officially meet him either tonight or tomorrow.

   Conference was amazing in the MTC. There are soooo many people in the MTC (Around 3000) that we had the main gym filled and two overflow rooms filled up. My district decided to go into one of the overflow rooms for all the sessions of conference. The seats were a lot more comfortable and it didn't feel as crowded. Just to let you know dad, the Gym has been completely revamped for devotionals and other meetings. They actually have risers that retract from the wall, and the rest of the floor is covered in chairs. No flag...sorry. For those who want to know, my favorite talk wasn't in the saturday or sunday sessions. It was actually in the Priesthood session. For those who are willing to watch a really good talk i would say either watch Ucthdorf's or President Monson's talk from Priesthood session. They are absolutely amazing. So to answer your question Dad, Yes i am riding the wave.

   I am still really loving my district. My companion and I are getting closer than ever, and we work really well together. We have both learned so much from each other and we are helping each other out in the learning Spanish department. Our district is super awesome and surprisingly enough, none of us have gotten sick. Even with the one day of snow and the couple days of rain. We have been wearing our suits basically every day like required. This is the first week i have not been required to wear a suit coat to class, but we still have to wear one for devoitionals or any sort of meeting. We are all getting a long together, for the most part in our district, but people do get some MTC crazies.

  I have to apologize to you all, i didn't get any pictures of this last week because i really didn't have any time. I will try to take some this week to make up for missing this week. I'll get a picture of my celestial ceiling and some pictures of us doing the Lords work. This is his work and his glory, and i am glad to be a tool in the hands of the Lord.

  I love you all and i am very thankful to have so many supporting friends and family. Thank you all so much.
      Elder Cameron Cook

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