Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We got our first letter 04/01/2013!  Elder Cook was dropped off under a week ago and that night the fam dropped him a letter (okay, mom did) and the next day we mailed him an Easter Basket since only four days after entering the MTC was a holiday.
His letter:
"I'm sorry this has taken me a while to write, but life has just been super hectic.  Just an FYI my P-Days are on Thursdays.  I wasn't able to have a P-Day this week due to all the orientation meetings.  I just wanted to let you know, I am A.O.K.  I have learned so much with the little time I have spent here.  It has been a little over 3 days since I was dropped off and I can already pray and share my testimony in Spanish.  Holy Cow!!  The great part about today though, I got your letter and also your Easter package.  It seriously came on the most perfect day.  Today started off pretty rough.  We taught our first "investigator" today and it was hard for me.  I usually don't have a hard time talking about the spirit, but I seriously faced my fears by teaching him only in Spanish.  And I didn't do that by choice, it was a requirement.  Fernando, our "investigator" didn't speak a lick of English, or so he said.  Mi ingles es terible.  Mi espanol es terible.  I know I will get better, but I just can't remember my verbs quite yet.  This whole experience has been really fantastic and awesome though.  I have a really fun district and an awesome zone.  I just can't wait to send you my first email.  I'll try to catch you up on everything that has happened here so far.  Expect an email on Thursday for next week.  But before I go, I think I should let you know that I have a meeting with the Argentina Consul on Tuesday to start the final process of the Visa.  This might mean I could be one of the lucky ones to ever leave the MTC straight to Argentina.  Also, don't worry, I'm eating healthier than I was at home and I live on the top floor of both of my buildings... stairs are a killer.  I love you,
Elder Cook

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