Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 3 MTC

 This is the third week in which also means we are half way done with our stay. After this week, we also will be the "oldest" district in our Zone. It is kind of weird to look and see new districts come and go, but the weird part about it is, We will be the next to go. We are all hoping we will be going to Argentina and not reassigned, but the Lord might need us somewhere else. We see a lot of people get reassigned in our Zone because the majority of us are going to Argentina. The only ones that are not are the district who came a week after us and the Hermanas(Sisters) In our district who are going to Spokane Washington.
   We just got the news that we as a district will be hosting next week, which means i get to be one of those missionaries who help the new ones find their way around the completely new world that we all call the MTC. I get to be a missionary Bellhop!!!! :D anyways i am quite excited because i also know i have some friends coming into the MTC this next wave, and i hope i get to see a few of them. 
   Speaking of the MTC, have i mentioned how great the Devotionals are here. We were blessed with the words of the great Richard G. Scott of the 12 this last tuesday....WHAT THAT IS CRAZY!!! He spoke of prayer and gave us all a promise that we would be blessed with the ability to learn our languages. He gave us an apistolic blessing in fact. We were so blessed with the spirit that day. We have district meetings after the Tuesday devotionals and this meeting was just absolutely filled with the spirit. We were shaken with the spirit and the MTC was absolutely filled to the brim with it. My testimony of prayer skyrocketed that day. We have had a few devotionals about prayer, but this one just dominated the rest. My favorite part was of the devotional was Elder Scott had finished his talk, we sang the final song, the girl got up to say the closing prayer, when suddenly he gets up out of his seat and tells the whole entire MTC that he had one more thing to say. First of all, it was super funny to see the girls face when she was told to go sit back down by an apostle. The next is what he said. He told us all. "God has called you to succeed, not to fail" That statement alone just floored us with the Spirit. We were all shocked and stunned by the feelings of the Spirit. I know that i have been called to serve, and he wouldn't call me if didn't know that i couldn't handle it. Argentina is waiting for me and i am waiting for it. I hope the Visa comes soon, but if anythign it probably will come the week before i leave. If not i might be held here longer or reassigned. 
   I am so blessed here at the MTC as well. My companion and i are continuing to learn Spanish at a great rate. We are learning spanish together and helping with both verbs and conjugation trees. We finished teaching our 2 investigator this last week and we had our 2nd week of TRC. WOW! My companion and i can teach in spanish and it is quite amazing on who much we actually know. We tried speaking in Spanish a whole day yesterday, and my companion and i did pretty well. I'm phasing english ever so slowly out of my language. My greetings are now totally in spanish. "Como esta" and "estoy bien" seem to be ingrained in my mind now. We will also having another english fast tomorrow, i hope it goes just as well as yesterdays did. I'm loving the spanish language and as i learn, i'm getting closer to my Heavenly Father and my brother Jesus Christ. It is quite surprising that as you learn gospel concepts only in Spanish, you seem to be closer. I have learned so much about the Gospel and Spanish that i just feel so blessed with the language. I love my mission so far and i just can't wait to serve the people in Argentina.
   Yo se que mi Hijo Jesucristo es mi salvador y mi redentor. Yo se que el Espiritu Santo es una bendicione major. Yo testifico eso Dijo he llavado mi en Argentina. Yo testifico El Libro de Mormon es plabra de Dios. You quierro mi Padre Celestial y Hermano Jesucristo. Yo quierro la Iglesia de Jesucristo. You se que presidente Thomas S Monson es profeta verdad.
    I love being a missionary and can't wait to experience more as i go. I love you all.
         Elder Cameron Jay Cook
PS The pictures are as follows. My celestial ceiling is the panels. Yes the trees and clouds are on our ceiling. I have a few of me and then i took a cool panorama of a line waiting for a devotional. I also have a picture of my desk in my room. It is where i do most of my letter writing and also some of my study.

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