Monday, May 6, 2013

Got a call from the Airport bright and early this morning

It pays to know people in high places :)  Thanks to Uncle Greg the super TSA agent who went into the airport on his day off, at zero dark thirty just to let Elder Cook use his cell phone so he could face time home instead of standing in lines for the payphones.  Good thing he did too because Cameron called me again while I was at work when he landed in Phoenix and told me there were a couple missionaries who missed their flights this morning, one of which missed it because he was on the phone home.  I am not jealous of that conversation... "sorry I missed my flight because I was talking to my mom!"
He sounded great and looked even better (thanks again Greg, I love you!!) and he's officially off to preach the gospel in Florida.
Wow you found me!! Having a TSA uncle rocks!
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Gotta have a frozen McStrawberry lemonade while you can!
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Oh it's good to be a family!
One happy mama!

Official start to the mission, off to Orlando Florida!

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  1. Wow! He looks like a missionary! How exciting for him... and you!!! He's gonna do awesome! He's a good young man ;)