Thursday, May 16, 2013

First week in Florida

YAY! First week in Florida and i haven't melted yet. It is getting really hot over here. Humidity is a little different than i had ever imagined. It is encroaching on summer time which means that i will be blazing hot and sweaty. We were in an investigators trailer and by the time we left my backpack straps were soaking wet. BLEH.... Other than the Heat and the Humidity, I am Absolutely loving it here in Florida. I am in Kissimee right now and probably will be here for my whole stay in Florida...or at least that is the hope. If anyone is wondering where that is, let me just tell you that it borders Disney World. A border of our mission is actually right next to Magic Kingdom. One day my companions said we will go to Celebration which is the neighborhood owned by Disney so i could actually look at Disney World haha. One thing that i hadn't known about Orlando is how many mini-golf courses there are around here. In my area alone there are 7 different Mini-Golf courses...Wow.
   So the things that are going on in my life right now is not much different than most of the missionaries out right now. I get up, i get to work, then i go to bed. Yup pretty exciting let me tell you. The cool part about the mission though is not the place but about the people you meet. We have already had so many miracles happen when it comes to meeting people and inviting them to Christ. One experience that comes to mind is one that happened on Friday. We were on our bikes (By the way, we have bikes and cars in this mission. Bikes for 3 days then Car for 3 days.) and we were going to our last appointment for the night when they cancelled on us. We even had a member waiting for us to go to this house. We were so stressed about what to do for the rest of the night especially since we had promised to take out a member that night. We then went immediately to our first back up plan with the member, and the parents weren't home. We then went to the 2nd home and we met with our 2nd back up plan. She was outside of her house with some other guys that were living in her house. We were able to take her inside and start teaching the lesson. The member had a phone call and was waiting outside when my other companion left to go check on him. It turned out that the member was teaching the other guys outside house and taught of the restoration while my other companion and i taught this woman inside her house about the Holy Ghost. It was absolutely crazy. We got two lessons out of that one cancellation. We were really blessed that day.
   We have had a lot of success already in finding people in the area. We have 10 investigators at the moment and we are just so excited to get our 2nd lesson in this week. We are hopefully going to commit some of them to baptism this week, so we will see what happens. We have made our goals and we are setting our plans to meet those goals. Let us pray that they will give us the opportunity to succeed. There was this one investigator that we met with this last week, he had just been shot 3 times twice in the arm and once in the side. He could have died! Another one is a tough grease monkey who has met with Missionaries before, but hasn't really comitted to change his life, but we are having a really good feeling about this time around. One of the coolest parts about him is his name, Carlos Applehiemer. I don't know how his last name is spelled, but it sounds like how i spelled it. It truly is such a blessing that i get to meet so many cool and awesome people out on this mission. I love being a missionary.It is truly a blessing to be out here. I already have so many cool stories about my mission. I am now a missionary that has stories to tell. It is quite an interesting little journey. I love it out here and i know that my Journey has just begun. I love you all and i hope that you all have an awesome week.
  Hey i am sorry again for not sending pictures i brought the wrong cord and i don't have anyway of sending them. Well, i promise that this next week i will be sending my pictures to you all one way or another.  

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